Why would my local utility let you do this?

Family Energy is a qualified supplier of your local utility and works together with them to ensure quality and reliability. Your local utility company cannot profit from the sale of energy; they obtain profits from the delivery of the electricity and natural gas to your home.

In what way will the local utility delivery charges be lower?

Customers who choose gas and electric suppliers, like Family Energy, save on their delivery service bill. Depending on the utility, they may provide either a discount per therm or a monthly discount from their minimum charge.

Why should I do this?

Why not, by choosing Family Energy, you would be saving money on the delivery of a product you already receive.

How will my local utility company know I’ve enrolled with Family Energy?

Your local utility company recognizes us as an authorized ESCO of natural gas and/or electricity. When your enrollment is approved, we notify your utility company of the change.

How am I billed?

Your utility company will continue to bill you as they always have. Family Energy gas and/or electricity supply charges will appear along with your utility service and delivery charges. You still make only one payment to your utility company.

What if I have a problem with my service?

Your utility company will continue to take care of those problems if they occur. Just give them a call like you always would.

How do I enroll?

It’s simple. Call us toll-free at 1-888-472-1085 and we’ll help you select the program that is best for you.