Natural Gas programs for your Home

We understand your energy needs, and above all, we treat you and your family, like you’re a part of our family.

Residential Natural Gas

Family Energy Natural Gas Programs

As an Energy Service Company (ESCO), Family Energy Inc. (“Family”) works as an energy supply broker alongside your local utility in order to ensure quality and reliability. In order to pass along competitive pricing to our clients, we use our extensive experience to purchase natural gas during periods when prices are low. It is our goal to deliver the most competitive price possible for your natural gas.

There are additional bonuses to enrolling with Family! As an ESCO, we make it possible for certain charges to be eliminated from your monthly bill, such as Merchant Function Charges.

Family Energy is unlike any other Energy Service Company. We understand your energy needs, and above all, we treat you and your family, like you’re a part of our family.


Family Energy Inc. offers  fixed term contracts  to residential customers in New York. You can secure your price either for 2 or 3 years, and regardless of the market or utility costs of natural gas, your price is guaranteed never to increase as long as you’re on our program!

Price Programs

It has never been easier to take control natural gas prices. Natural gas is a very volatile commodity, with prices that go up and down. Securing your price can help alleviate any price fluctuation!

Avoid Market Volatility

You Have a Choice

Fixing your natural gas supply rate with our 2 or 3 year fixed-price program means that you choose to step off the roller-coaster of natural gas prices. It means you receive one competitive gas supply rate for your term, even if the cost of natural gas goes up after you enroll. Our price programs give you peace-of-mind while taking the guesswork out of your utility bill.

And be confident, nothing changes in the delivery of gas. Your local utility will continue to deliver your gas, and your new price program will be conveniently integrated on your existing utility bill. It’s that easy!

Family Energy’s Natural Gas Offer

  • We offer 2 or 3 year fixed rate natural gas program that can protect you from rising natural gas prices
  • No cost to enroll
  • All that changes is your natural gas supply charge. Your local utility will still deliver your natural gas and provide you with emergency services and billing
  • BONUS! Receive an Introductory Price
  • Cash-back: if you don’t save money over the local utility rate for the same commodity during the duration of your Agreement, you may receive cash-back, either $50 for a 2 year program or $75 for a 3 year program. All rebate payments are made at the end of the Agreement Term¹

1  The Customer must complete their entire Initial Term of the Agreement without interruption in order to be eligible for cash-back  and contact Family Energy in writing within 90 days after the completion of the Initial Term of the Agreement.  See Terms and Conditions for details.

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