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Energy Deregulation Catches the Attention of Investors like Warren Buffett

Grand Junction, CO (PRWEB) May 29, 2013

According to recent reports, American business magnate Warren Buffett has identified energy deregulation as the next big financial opportunity to sweep across the country. In addition, Jack Welch, former GE Chairman in a Nov 5, 2012 interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box describes the deregulation of energy as ‘the internet in 1990’ and goes on to say that, “energy so the lifeblood of an economy.”

Since it began in the late 1990s, deregulation of energy has created opportunity throughout the marketplace. Deregulation allows consumers to choose where they buy their power, much as they can choose their long-distance company. While the National Policy Act of 1978 and later the Energy Policy Act of 1992 provide open access for all electricity suppliers to the U.S. power grid, implementation of deregulation was left up to the individual states.

Deregulation Saves Millions

The May 17, 2013 issue of the New Hampshire Business Review shares examples of how large and small companies alike have benefited from deregulation. Herb Pakhurst, facilities manager who oversees operations at the Peterborough and Laconia plants for New Hampshire Ball Bearings says, “I estimate we have saved more than $750,000 since 2007. We didn’t have any major capital investments to make,” Parkhurst said. “It was real money on the table that came from just basically paying attention.”

Growth Potential

To date, fewer than half of the states in the U.S. have taken the steps toward deregulation, meaning there is still a large untapped opportunity for growth. However, as evidenced by the May 14, 2013 report in the Midwest Energy News, energy deregulation is being seriously considered by many additional states. Original estimates state that by 2020, all 50 states will have some form of deregulated energy; however current expectations are that nationwide deregulation will happen more quickly than originally anticipated.

The chart shown was prepared using research from Fidelity Investments, Spectrem Group, BCG and the U.S. Census Bureau showing this growth potential. Estimates show that deregulation has created a $500 billion industry.

While deregulation offers savings for residential and commercial customers, it also means a potential windfall for investors as new technology, companies and alternative energy suppliers are springing up. In fact, “Warren Buffett Is Making A $1.9 Billion Bet On Wind” as reported May 9, 2013 by Business Insider. There are also opportunities for non-investor individuals to cash in on deregulation through the direct sales industry, which allows any individual with little or no experience, to partner with an energy service company and position themselves to generate income from the customers they refer.

The Wind Team is based in Grand Junction, CO. The team is leading the way sharing information about energy deregulation and the Energy Service Company (ESCO) options that are available to consumers. Contact Karin Gookin at (970) 986-9535 with questions.

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