Electricity Price Protection

Your electricity bill doesn't have to be a surprise. Control your costs by signing up to one of our programs.

Residential Electricity

Why choose Family Energy as your Electricity Supplier?

When you choose Family Energy, you get a competitive price on the same electricity you’re already using in your home!

When you choose Family Energy pricing instead of your utility pricing, we become responsible for your electricity supply, at a price you can count on!

Family helps you manage your electricity bills to get the most out of your money.

By offering competitive rates and products, every Family Energy member feels like they finally have a grasp on unpredictable electricity bills.

Price Volatility

Across the state electricity prices are very volatile, changing throughout the seasons and the years.

Price protection gives you the opportunity to stabilize your rate, so you always know just what your cost of electricity is, every month, guaranteed never to increase as long as you are on Family Energy’s program.

Family Energy’s Electricity Offer

  • We offer 5 year fixed rate electricity program that can protect you from rising electricity prices
  • No cost to enroll
  • All that changes is your electricity supply charge. Your local utility will still deliver your electricity and provide you with emergency services and billing


You have a Choice

In 1996, the New York Public Utilities Commission began unbundling electricity and natural gas, making it possible for homeowners to choose their electricity supplier. Today, more and more New Yorkers are choosing electricity price protection programs to manage fluctuating energy costs and give them peace of mind with a fixed rate for their home’s electricity supply.

Avoid Price Increases!

Switch-off electricity price volatility with Family Energy’s Fixed Price Electricity Protection Programs. Choosing Electricity Price Protection means you receive one competitive electricity supply rate, for your choice of 2 or 3 years, even if the cost of electricity goes up after you enroll. Our price protection programs help your family budget for electricity by taking the guesswork out of your utility bill.Switch to Family and be confident! There’s no cost to enroll, and nothing changes in the delivery of electricity. Your local utility will continue to deliver your electricity, and your new price protection program will be conveniently integrated on your existing utility bill. Nothing changes but your electricity supply charge! It’s that easy!Locking in your home’s electricity price can give you peace of mind for the long term as you will have the comfort of knowing what you will be paying for your electricity each month.


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