Green Electricity Program

The average New York Home will create 1.2 tonnes of carbon emissions every year just by their electricity use.

Residential Electricity

The Family Energy Green Power Program

The Family Energy Green Power Program is the perfect way to make your home green! Now you can choose to upgrade your home’s electricity to 100% green electricity. The average New York Home will create 1.2 tonnes of carbon emissions every year just by their electricity use. When you choose Green Electricity, all of your home’s electricity usage is made green because Family Energy offsets 100% of the emissions your home creates.

Family Energy’s Green Power Program ensures the investment of only North American verified projects in the purchase of our carbon offsets. Going green is easy! You can do your part to ensure that 100% of your electricity use is green just by paying your electricity bill. Plus you get the added protection of knowing what your electricity rate is each and every month, guaranteed never to increase as long as you are on the program. The choice is yours, and for a very small price you can make a very big difference.

Hassle-free billing occurs right on your current utility bill, and for only a few cents a day you can make your electricity green.1

We’re teaming up for greater environmental impact!

Family Energy is committed to positive environmental change. That’s why for every customer that chooses our Green Power Program, we will also plant a tree! With the help of America Forests, together we not only will make your power green, but we’ll add trees to even further the environmental change you can make. For a very small price you can make a very big change. Being green is cost effective and easy, and we hope you’ll join us in our mission to make America a healthier, greener place to live.



Projects involving the management and growth of biologically diversified and sustainable forestry, often protected by conservation rules to ensure longevity. Forests convert CO2 to O2 naturally repairing the CO2 imbalance in the environment.


Projects of methane gas emissions capture from landfills used to generate electricity. These recovery programs are capable of collecting and destroying large quantities of methane that have the emission reduction equivalent of taking thousands of cars off the road


Projects of biomass conversion use crops and plant waste and turn them into energy, resulting in sustainable fuel. This fuel is low impact on the environment because the conversion does not result in harmful greenhouse gases.

[1] Calculation based on the average home’s usage of 5500kWh per year, with a difference in rate between non-green and green being 1.98 cents/kWh.

Make a Difference

The carbon offset projects are a combination of projects that reduce emissions as well as increase the carbon sink (neutralizers). They are all verified projects from Canada or the USA.

What are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon Offsets are measurable and tangible benefits generated from environmental projects. The Energy Offsets you contribute to are for emission reduction projects achieved by environment-conscious people just like you! American homeowners and businesses are doing their part to reduce their emissions by switching to alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, as well as other emission reduction activities like tree-planting and methane gas recapture.

How will I make a difference when I enroll in the Family Energy EverGreen Program?

When you choose to offset your home's electricity emissions with Family Energy, you are canceling out a corresponding amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions produced elsewhere.

Why are Greenhouse Gases so dangerous?

Greenhouse Gases and emissions are often used to describe man-made gases that negatively affect the earth's atmospheric filters. These Greenhouse Gases trap and hold heat causing global warming.The Family Energy Green Program provides homeowners with a means to do their part to save the environment here at home, which benefits the world.

Did You Know?

  • The average New York home emits 2.2 tonnes of carbon just from its electricity consumption…every year!
  • Your home's electricity usage will be 100% carbon neutral when you enroll in this program*
  • You can choose to reduce your carbon footprint for future generations
  • Join the Family Energy EverGreen Program today and have a greener tomorrow!
*Based on the electricity consumption of the average NY home.

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